BSIS Approved 16-Hour PSO Course

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BSIS Approved 16-Hour PSO Course

In 2011, California became the first state to mandate job specific training for bouncers. In fact, we were actually appointed to be the Chairperson for the curriculum development committee. The law labeled bouncers as proprietary security officers or PSO’s and required every bouncer to obtain 16-hours of job specific training as part of the state license process.

Based on our longstanding in house guard training programs we’ve been offering nationally for over 10 years, our bouncer training was used as the California curriculum guideline. And, once we submitted our bouncer training curriculum to be approved by the state, we became the first approved 16-hour PSO course provider. Our State of California license number is P-00001.

Since 1998, we have been helping bars, nightclubs and gentleman’s clubs reduce liability and obtain insurance discounts. Learn about our insurance savings partnership with “Hospitality Insurance Agency”. This unique strategic partnership has lowered on premise liability for bars and clubs in the form of thousands of dollars annually.

We have also recently adapted our unique in person bouncer training to meet the highest quality standards for online training. “I want to be able to testify in court under oath that you have taken the most comprehensive bouncer training course available”, says Robert C. Smith, President of Nightclub Security Consultants, when explaining the integrity of the online bouncer training course.

The online bouncer training course is extremely comprehensive and time-consuming and totally compliant based. The content is balanced between video based learning, embedded bullet points and quality quizzes to give the best chance for the student to not only learn but to succeed when they go back to work.

A lot goes into planning each of the topics included in our courses, especially the California PSO Training. Every point has been researched to be sure the information is as current and correct as it can be. We talked to attorneys, law enforcement agents, college professors, industry experts and industry professionals to make every attempt we could to provide students the best and most informative information possible.

We are striving to be the hospitality industries best go to company for answers, solutions, guidance, education and progression. Helping bars and clubs reduce violence and increase profits by using in person and online training is what we do.

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