NCB Show 2016, Advisory Board and $50 Dollars Savings

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NCB Show 2016, Advisory Board and $50 Dollars Savings


I first started attending the Nightclub & Bar Show in 1999 when it was, well the same, but very different…at least, different for me, right now. In 1999 and into the early/mid 2000’s I was attending The Show to provide an educational seminar, to set up my trade show booth and to PARTY.

The party’s were awesome! One of the best (way back then) was one known as “the Bacardi Party”. This mega event was held at the Las Vegas Sports Complex, located some miles south of the strip. The show had bus transportation to and from the event, the entertainment was plentiful and the drinks were free! Are you kidding me, FREE DRINKS? Yeah buddy. Well, honestly, times have changed for me and free drinks aren’t on the top of my list now.

There’s no coincidence that in the mid 2000’s, my company started to really gain traction across the nation and even into Canada and the UK. The ideas and mindset that I was preaching and teaching was catching on. The idea of a smarter “bouncer” was beginning to make sense AND that same idea was also saving owners a ton of money from insurance claims, attorney fees, police visits and overall complaints.

Today, I’m still preaching and teaching across our country. And, while I’m traveling across the country I’m taking time to join groups of like-minded people. These people want a safer nightlife, a smarter operator and across the board, a better entertainment experience for their paying customers. One of these groups that I’ve been a part of since about 2007 was called the Nightclub & Bar Advisory Board of Directors “board”.

At the time, the board had a huge amount of large and well-known hospitality industry names as members. The exact total number of board members at that time is unknown to me, but it was easily over 100 people. In the beginning, I was a little overwhelmed with some of these industry icons and asked myself; “what the hell am I doing with these people?” After a couple of years, I saw what most of the board really wanted and started to feel very comfortable being in that group. However, I had always longed for a board that could be better, more involved and really help our industry.

Fast forward to today. I’m still a board member and as of this past September 2015, I’m very proud to say that I was selected to be one of only 28 people asked to continue on as a new and more refined Nightclub & Bar Board of Directors. This new board is made up of a few industry icons but mostly consists of people who still want a better nightlife experience but also want to be a leading voice for the hospitality industry.

So, one of the new things I’m very very happy to talk about is that the new board has created several working, action committees to address specific hospitality issues along with adding insight to make the annual NCB Show better for all involved.

One of the action committees I’m involved in as a board member is the “Education Committee”. Our committee still has some working parameters to create but one immediate point we’re working on is to create industry certification standards for certain employee positions within the bar, nightclub, restaurant and the hospitality industry. We’re going to examine employee positions, their value, and the need for training along with what is currently available for these employees.

Ok, so what does all of this stuff have to do with you? Well, I’d like readers to be educated on what is happening in and for their industry. I’d also love all of you to attend the 2016 Nightclub & Bar Show in Las Vegas. To help you attend and SAVE SOME MONEY, as a board member, I’m going to provide you with this code ADBOARDNCB25 for all your registration needs.

This code, ADBOARDNCB25, when used at registration, will save you $50 dollars on each registration and for as many registrations you make. And, this code isn’t just for you. Pass it along to anyone else you want to let them save some money too.

That’s about it.  Please use the code, register for our three educational sessions and be sure to say hello at the NCB Show.



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