Serving Up Huge Savings

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Serving Up Huge Savings

From Hospitality Insurance Agency and Nightclub Security Consultants

Hospitality Insurance Agency has teamed up with Nightclub Security Consultants to bring you the most comprehensive security, alcohol awareness, liquor liability, and assault/battery training programs that, when completed, can save you up to 10% – 15% on your insurance premiums. It’s truly a win-win, because whatever you pay for the training will likely come back to you -and then some- in insurance savings…plus your staff will be even more qualified to serve your customers! These insurance savings have been exclusivity negotiated through our careers for Hospitality Insurance Agency customers, so we invite you to let us show you how much you can save on your insurance premiums.

About Hospitality Insurance Agency

Hospitality Insurance Agency, a leading hospitality and entertainment insurance broker, has been providing insurance coverage and services for the hospitality industry including nightclubs, bars, gentleman’s clubs, hotels, and restaurants since 1948. Our long-standing relationship and “elite” status in the insurance industry allow us to package comprehensive, tailored programs that cater to your precise needs while guaranteeing the most competitive prices available.

About Nightclub Security Consultants

Nightclub Security Consultants is a training and consulting company that has lead the nation in helping create higher “standards of care” for the alcohol service industry. They work exclusively with bars, clubs, restaurants, hotels and any other business that serve alcohol and provide entertainment.

To learn more about insurance for the hospitality industry, visit the Hospitality Insurance Agency website at or call 800.940.9387

To learn more about employee security training, vist the Nightclub Security Consultants website at or call 619.997.6144

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