Successful Hospitality Security Operations & Responsible Beverage Service

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Successful Hospitality Security Operations & Responsible Beverage Service

When it comes to a hospitality business, responsible alcohol service is the foundation of any successful hospitality security operation: period – full stop!

Show us an unruly bar or nightclub with lots of fights and other alcohol-related issues, and we will show you an operation where over-service and over-intoxication occur regularly. 

Hospitality operators and staff walk a tight rope to make sure their guests enjoy their visit while consuming of alcohol, make money, and prevent the guests from over-indulging and causing unwanted issues. 

 Through our client training programs and consultation services, NSC sees many operations riddled with multiple security issues on a nightly basis. We see businesses plagued by fights, police calls for service, vandalism, staff harassment, sexual assault incidents, and more. Often, the community and local police departments view the business as an “unruly house,” and insurance providers will eventually classify the business as uninsurable.  

In order to effectively protect your operation from liability, responsible beverage service is a must. Operators, serving staff and security need to make responsible alcohol service a priority and focus of their business. Beyond state and local training requirements, finding a reputable and comprehensive alcohol service training partner is vital. 

There are many responsible alcohol training programs out there. While NSC offers our own Responsible Alcohol Service Training (RAST) programs for clients, it is not our core business. Hospitality security training is. That is why we have partnered with Serving Alcohol IncServing Alcohol, via their website, offers what we consider to be the most comprehensive and complete alcohol service training programs out there. 

If you are considering an alcohol service program, we recommend taking a look at Serving Alcohol’s training programs. They are approved in sixteen states and counting, they offer programs for individuals, or you can set up a business account to properly train your entire team from one or multiple locations. 

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