Groping and Grabbing is not Acceptable

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Groping and Grabbing is not Acceptable

For nearly 12 years I’ve been talking to bar and club security guards or “Bouncers” about alcohol related sexual assault and what they can do on a nightly basis to stop this terrible and mostly unreported crime.

One of the most important things that Bouncers can do is fully understand that there are certain types of behavior that can be seen that may mean nothing, but in some cases, may also be real “PRE ASSAULT” behaviors.  The problem is that we (MEN) don’t typically understand the issue, the potential for harm and the real harm this bad behavior can cause to our guests.

So, I’ve never been “groped” or grabbed inappropriately in a bar or club.  I’ve talked to many women who have and it amazes me that so many of them have just come to accept this sort of behavior as just a part of going to the club or bar.  This is really crap to me… so, I wanted to share an article I basically stumbled on while doing some research.

Written in March 2017 by Roisin Lanigan and published on, it tells the stories of several women who were grabbed, groped or, in some cases, truly sexual assaulted.  I contacted the publisher and received permission to share the article with you.  I feel pretty strong that we (MEN) need to really step up about this issue.

For the woman that read this and can relate; please speak up, yell loudly and don’t take this behavior as just the price of going out.  Don’t let bouncers or managers placate you with “we’ll make him leave”, especially if you were indeed assaulted.  NO, instead, insist on more.  Insist they hold the suspect, insist on calling police and insist on prosecution.

And for my brothers, the MEN who will read this.  Please don’t let doubt creep into your mind about her truth.  Don’t allow yourself to rationalize any reasons these strong woman spoke up.  Instead, as you read, pretend it’s your sister, wife, girlfriend or daughter writing and speaking up.  Would you consider this behavior acceptable?  Would you want to kick this guests ass?  Ok, so now ask yourself; “Why do you work a shift on a Friday night and allow men to get away with or make excuses for this sort of bad behavior?”

Thanks very much and please try to make a difference for all our guests.  CLICK THROUGH TO THE ARTICLE HERE.

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